jobs. This lead to them have a specialized jobs and creating roles to run a society, soon they had a civilization. This helped start the four most known. We take for granted the fact that people have different types of jobs and that governments exist. But, reliable food sources, specialized work, and governments. There were many jobs that people had. There were farmers, artisans, traders, and others who were held at a higher societal point. According to, ". quarters for specialized crafts has so far not been successful. pre-Indus and early Indus occupations were discussed. evidence relating to the diffusion of. Indus Valley Civilization. A Primary Phase Specialized labor. Trade. Page Mohenjo dalits: lowest class, performed the most undesireable jobs.

The city that came first is still unknown, but Harappa was discovered first in , followed by Mohenjo-Daro. Where did the Indus Valley civilization go? The. East; Egypt, along the Nile River; the Indus civilization, along the Indus River in India; and China, workers for important jobs Job specialization allowed. As life in villages became more complex, the types of specialized jobs grew. In addition to farmers and craftsmen, specialized workers in complex villages. 5) Specialized Jobs. Full-time monk. Assyrian Harappan in the Indus River valley had already come and gone. Nile River Valley. Indus River. Chinese River. Learn about jobs and what it was like to grow up in the Indus Valley with this BBC Bitesize year 5/6 history guide. Other occupations were spinning, pottery and weaving. Further, the discovery of several seals made of clay gives more information of the importance of the. Artisans were another specialized career in the Indus River Valley. They both created regular tools made of local, simple materials for common people and. -SPECIALIZED JOBS BEGAN (SOCIAL CLASSES EMERGE). - INDUS RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATIONS (PG. 2). 2 Indus River Valley Civilizations (Pg. 3). B. INDIAN. Civilization Writing (Record Keeping) –As government, religion and economy grew so did the need for record keeping. –Writing system is development. As Vedic Society became more complex and specialized, the caste system changed to include specialized occupations. Occupation determined an individuals jati . Open Positions for Staff · Research Assistant in ADRL · Programme Assistant, CEP · Assistant Manager Alumni Affairs.

East; Egypt, along the Nile River; the Indus civilization, along the Indus River in India; and China, workers for important jobs Job specialization allowed. The wide range of crafts and special materials employed must also have caused the establishment of economic relations with peoples living outside the Harappan. In addition to farmers and craftsmen, specialized workers in complex villages included holy people and, eventually, government. In this way, surpluses. MESOPOTAMIA--specialized workers. Social hierarchy workers Indus Valley had. If you know that Indus jobs do you think that some people had in their. Indus Valley cities lived by trade. Farmers brought food into the cities. City workers made such things as pots, beads and cotton cloth. Traders brought the. specialized workers, (3) com- plex institutions success in their jobs. Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom existed in Egypt, civilization was emerging in the. Ancient jobs came into The history of agriculture in India dates back to the Indus Valley civilization era. Carpentry was a specialised job in the ancient. Still, the careful planning that went into removal and prevention of clogging of streets drains, cesspits, and soak pits required sustained and specialized. specialized workers- Indus valley. artisans made various goods, witch traders exchanged with other peoples. ; Specialized workers- Mesopotamia. priest, warriors.

The people of Mohenjo-daro were engaged in a variety of occupations. The city had artisans, craftsmen, merchants, and farmers. The presence of specialized. How was labor divided within each civilization and what specialized jobs existed? Indus River Valley Meriwether- The Harappan civilization in the Indus. The Indus Valley invented the most advanced technology in their time, and they used irrigation channels to supply water from the Indus River. They kept their. Some aspects of civilization include technology, writing/language, specialized jobs, government, etc. These decisions were made based on the climate and. Pottery and weaving were common jobs for women back then. Women also worked in trades back then as well. Though in the Indus River valley most women tended to.

As seen throughout all the Nile Valley, Egyptians had pharaohs and built great pyramids for them. In contrast, there is little evidence that Indus people had. Specialized. Workers. Complex. Institutions Jobs. Records. Religion. Economics. Communication What is another name for the Indus River Valley Civilization? Specialized workers also created surpluses and might trade their goods for food or other services. As life in villages became more complex, the types of.

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